Ohio Elastomers,an integrated design, engineer, molder, rubber fabrication, and urethane products company, specializing in spring rate applications such as bushings, vibration insulators and machine mounts.

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Every company has its accumulated experience in methods and materials. Our experience is very heavily weighted towards bushing applications. We have worked with diverse compounds, the metals and other structural materials often used in the bushing, and adhesives. We know what we have used successfully and how to improve formulations and processes to address variations in performance requirements. Likewise we know how to design and build molds that hold to, and often improve on rubber industry tolerances.


Rubber to plastic bonded bushings or bushing subassemblies can take advantage of the ability of specifically molded geometries that are expensive and time consuming to manufacture by machining. Ohio Elastomers press fit interfacial fusion techniques permit positive self sustaining stress to work with the forces involved. This contrasts with molded-in negative stresses, where the bushing can separate and the rubber fracture. In addition, rubber to plastic molded parts are lower weight and less susceptible to corrosion than metals, and Ohio Elastomers takes special care to use the most aliphatic and aromatic resistant polymers and elastomers for this application.

Bushings And Bushing Assemblies by Ohio Elastomers


If a free rotating rubber bushing could be devised to replace a urethane bushing there can be considerable savings in the cost of materials. Understanding the versatility of rubber compounds as urethane replacement materials, Ohio Elastomers has devised just such a replacement torque arm bushing using a lubricated fabric sleeve bonded to a hard rubber bushing. While the conception is simple enough, Ohio Elastomers had to devise efficient means for the intermediary processes that ensure secure bonding of the fabric to the bushing. This has been achieved and meets performance specifications relating to durability under load, orthogonal pressure, and twisting abrasion. While this particular application doesn’t require it, there is full 360 degrees of rotation capability.

In devising a hybrid bushing-bearing for the front lower shock mount of a 2005 *Ford® *F-150 pick up truck, we had far more stringent specifications to meet. The bushing had to have nominal breakaway resistance; bear heavy loads without fracture; and have a robust spring rate to respond to compression and tension from all angles. The bushing is complex to manufacture – it is comprised of a turned steel OD, rubber bushing, fabric sleeve, sealed lubricant, plastic washers, and a turned steel ID. Yet, it performs very near OEM specifications, at a competitive price point, and creates a non-OEM sourcing channel for the repair shop.

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