Ohio Elastomers,an integrated design, engineer, molder, rubber fabrication, and urethane products company, specializing in spring rate applications such as bushings, vibration insulators and machine mounts.

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Ohio Elastomers is an integrated design, engineer, molder, rubber fabrication, and urethane products company. We started out as mold makers with a prototyping capacity. Customer demand, however, moved us into progressively stronger and stronger production capabilities. We are especially noted for spring rate applications such as bushings, vibration insulators and machine mounts.

Ohio Elastomers ISO Registration.   Rubber molding is an industry that has matured into an uneasy operating partnership of art and science. We can pretty much ascertain every physical property of a cured compound through well-defined testing procedures. We can project how those characteristics will play out in a geometric configuration through dynamic modeling. However, the process of molding and curing rubber, in relatively low volume small and medium size production runs, and within a viable cost remains an art.

Our processes are delineated and validated through ISO-9001-2008 registration (received March 13, 2018) with SAI Global (See ISO Registration Here). These reflect "best practice" for our operation, which concentrates on a production volumes below the 6-s (6-sigma) detection threshold.


Problem solving is our forte’! Typically, for a product to profitably hit its market window, there must be parallel development in the product details. The molded rubber details cannot be exhaustively researched. Instead, an evaluation of the expected geometry, operating conditions, developmental time frame, and anticipated production rate integrate into a range of specifications. Ohio Elastomers applies its expertise to narrow this range further into the most promising options for our customer to test. We are also mindful of the logistical requirements to support just-in-time and aftermarket operations, and can package and unitized shipments in support of your total marketing and manufacturing program.

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Every company has its accumulated experience in methods and materials. Ohio Elastomers’ experience is very heavily weighted towards rubber bonded applications, primarily rubber-to-metal-bonded bushings. That said, we routinely mold rubber-to-plastic-bonded and rubber-to-fabric-bonded products and sub-assemblies. We have worked with automotive and transportation sector suspension parts manufacturers, molding and fabricating leaf spring pads, leaf spring isolators and pivot bushings. We use diverse rubber compounds; source and machine the metals and other structural materials often used in the bushing; and identify the adhesives and processes that in our experience ensure structural integrity. We know what we have used successfully and how to improve formulations and processes to address variations in performance requirements.

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For many material handling operations involving controlled cyclic and elliptical throw, shear mounts proved superior to coil springs. The visco-elastic hysteresis loop generally indicates a considerable retention of drive motor energy, yet provided for dampening during an extreme load. This prevents chaotic divergence and avoids mount failure. Shear mounts are generally designed to be assembled as paired chevron mounts.

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Ohio Elastomers manufactures a line of rubber encapsulated brushes for high production deflashing operations. The advantage of these over standard brushes is that the elastomer improves the work angle contact of the bristle while maintaining the elasticity of the contact.

Ohio Elastomers designs and manufactures automatic deflashing units for high production Tier 1 molders of rubber to metal bonded bushings, such as motor mounts. Contact us for a CD-ROM video describing the operation and features of these deflashing units which increase production throughput while limiting operator hand and wrist stress.

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Our Markets, Processes & Product Highlights

Following are some highlights of our markets, products, and manufacturing and research capabilities. Please don't hesitate to contact us at 440-354-9750, or e-mail for more information.



Automotive Aftermarket
Light Truck Aftermarket
Commercial Vehicle

Aftermarket Parts
Drilling Equipment
Heavy Vibratory Equipment
Hole Clean-out Tools




Mold Tooling

Natural Rubber
Synthetic Rubber
Steel and Non-Ferrous Metals
Woven Fabrics
Sealed Lubrication
Hydraulic and Arbor Press

Steel Component Fabrication
Resistance Welding

4-Axis CNC Machining Center


CNC Machining Center

CNC Turning
Lathe cutting/rubber grinding


PPAP - Production Part Approval Process




Rubber-to-Metal-Bonded Bushings
Free Rotating Bushings
Vibration Insulators
Machine Mounts
Chevron Mounts

Torque Couplings

Torsion Axle Elastomer Chord
Drill Seals
Custom Rubber Encapsulated Brushes
Specialty Rubber Industry (as internal needs allow)
Rubber Shears and Splicers
Molds and Split Bar Molds
Automatic Deflasher Units


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